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Lend money to businesses driving meaningful impact. All transactions are powered through smart contracts for security, transparency and efficiency.


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Borrowers use the funds to scale business operations and impact. We track the positive impact of each of your investments, from beginning to end.


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Businesses repay the borrowed capital with interest. Monitor and share your impact through creative impact visualization models.


What the community says about us

"Given its current achievements, ReeFi Hub is on a great path to growing into the next big thing within the impact investment space. With the team having already demonstrated notable results on a global scale, I'm excited to witness more worldwide change”
“Coral Tribe is healing the planet and inspiring the web3 community with their unique blend of environmental reverence, technological genius, and that special Gen-Z madness. Watch this space - you'll get to see the world change.”
“Coral Tribe is a trailblazing creative hub revolutionizing impact investing in the blockchain ecosystem. Cutting-edge fusion of art and technology showcases the immense potential for creativity to be harnessed as a powerful tool for impact investing.”
“The Coral Tribe team is the drumbeat the keeps the Solana ReFi community humming. This team is super engaged, dedicated, and always figuring out how to drive the mission forward when it comes to all things climate change. What a gem!”
“Coral Tribe is changing what it means to be a project whose DNA is laced with impact. The community and collaboration partners are proof that what they are doing matters in the world of ReFi.”
“Coral Tribe's commitment to inspiring environmental action, as well as the community they have built around this, is truly inspiring. On top of kickstarting the ReFi NFT movement, I'm thrilled to hear about their upcoming impact investing platform.”

Monty Bryant

ReFi DAO - Product & Content Lead